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Florida Public Adjusters Serve YOU, the Policyholder

When it comes to Florida insurance claims, you have two choices: accept your insurance company's settlement offer (or claim denial) or take steps to ensure that you get every penny that you're entitled to. A Florida public adjuster is a special type of insurance adjuster that helps policyholders like you to have a say in the final settlement amount. In short, public adjusters serve YOU, not the insurance company.

Choose a Florida Public Adjuster and Rest Easy

This isn't to say that the insurance company is out to rip you off because that's not the case. However, the burden of proof lies on the policyholder, not the insurance company. It's YOUR job to tell the insurance company what you've lost and prove it, not the other way around. By retaining a Florida public insurance adjuster, you'll have an insurance professional working to uncover and document all of your insurance losses. This means that:

If you're concerned about your insurance claim in Florida, it's well worth your time to schedule a free consultation with a public insurance adjuster. Contact us today for a free insurance claim review and rest easy tomorrow.