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If you have an insurance claim open for your Clearwater, Florida home, business, or property, you could benefit from the services of a licenses Clearwater public adjuster. Working on your behalf, we take on every aspect of your claim from filling out the claim forms and documenting your losses to estimating repairs and negotiating discrepancies with your insurance company. In short, we handle everything! But more importantly, we do it with your best interests at heart. It is our top priority to make sure that everything damaged, partially damaged, or lost as a result of the covered peril is discovered, documented, accurately estimated, and compensated for.

As Clearwater public adjusters, we serve local policyholders – not insurance companies. We work as your advocate, treating your loss as if it were our own. We use local building codes, rebuilding costs, and industry expertise to ensure that your final settlement offer is based on the real world costs and building codes you will encounter as you rebuild.

It's not unusual for our estimates to be higher than your insurance company's estimates, and we're not shy about pointing out the discrepancies. We know Clearwater's building industry and its associated costs more intimately than an out-of-state corporation can possibly know it. While we'll fight for your rights, our relationship with insurance companies is far from adversarial. In fact, insurance companies appreciate our thorough paperwork, supporting documentation, and diligent work.

If you want to maximize your Clearwater insurance claim and make sure that you're losses are covered to the full extent that they're due, contact us today for a free, no obligation claim review.