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As Florida public adjusters, we offer comprehensive services tailored to residential and commercial policyholders. Below is a brief overview of our services:

  • Comprehensive insurance policy review – In order to ensure that your claim accounts for all possible losses, we first conduct a comprehensive insurance policy review. This allows us to understand the terms and conditions of your policy as well as identify areas where you may have suffered losses without realizing that they were covered.
  • Thorough damage assessments – We thorough inspect your property with a goal of uncovering all losses and hidden damage.
  • Complete damage documentation – During our assessment, we take extensive notes, draw detailed diagrams, and shoot dozens of photos and videos.
  • Insurance paperwork filing – We handle all claims forms, correspondence, and insurance paperwork. Not only does this take the burden off of you, it ensures completeness and accuracy.
  • Insurance claim denial help – If your insurance company has denied your claim, we can help! Let us review your policy, assess the damage, and search for every possible loss sustained. We may be able to prove your losses and turn that denial into a settlement check.
  • Damage estimates – We use current, local rebuilding costs and sophisticated estimating software to generate accurate, "real world" replacement, repair, and rebuilding estimates.
  • Presentation of your claims package – After reviewing your policy, assessing the damage, documenting your losses, and estimating the cost to recover, we create a comprehensive claims package and deliver it to your insurance company. We also handle any questions or disputes that may arise from your insurance company, negotiating until we reach an agreement.

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