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Top 5 Signs that You Need a Public Adjuster

Some insurance claims go through smoothly with just a few actions required on your part. Others are a different story. In general, minor insurance claims can be satisfactorily handled between the insurance company and the insured. However, as the degree of damage and associated repair, replacement, and rebuilding costs increase, the potential for discrepancies, oversights, low settlement offers, and claim denials also increases. This is where public adjusters shine for policyholders. Do you need a public insurance adjuster? Here are five signs that you might:

  • Your claim has been denied – Receiving a letter notifying you that your insurance claim has been denied doesn't necessarily mean that you're now on your own. Now's the time to call a public adjuster who will be happy to review your insurance policy and claim. With numerous potential reasons behind the denial – and possible responses to turn that denial around – calling a public adjuster is smart.
  • The insurance adjuster barely looked at the damage – Did the insurance company adjuster stop by, snap a photo or two, and the quickly move on? While the adjuster may have seen enough, it's possible that a more thorough investigation could yield additional damage. Public adjusters are committed to maximizing your claim which involves scouring your damaged property for every possible item to claim.
  • The insurance estimates seem too low – It's not uncommon for rebuilding costs to vary dramatically across the United States. Even if the estimates seem about right to you, it's not a bad idea to have a public adjuster take a look to be sure.
  • You don't understand your policy – Insurance policies are confusing documents loaded with unfamiliar terms. If you don't understand your insurance policy and what it covers and does not cover, you won't know if the settlement offer addresses everything that you're entitled to. A thorough policy and claim review by a licensed public adjuster could give you the peace of mind you seek – and potentially reveal that you're entitled to more than you thought.
  • You don't understand the paperwork – It's confusing, isn't it? Not only that, there's a lot of it. Fill out a form incorrectly or incompletely and your claim could be delayed or even denied. A public adjuster can take over this important task, making sure that all paperwork is accurate and complete.

Do any of these five signs apply to you? Contact a public adjuster today for a free, no obligation policy review.