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Key Largo

Owning property in Key Largo, Florida is a dream come true. Unfortunately, that dream can quickly turn into an insurance nightmare should a massive hurricane, tropical storm, or other peril damage your property. Even with full insurance coverage and an attentive insurance adjuster, it's smart to retain a Key Largo public insurance adjuster to ensure that all of your losses are uncovered, properly documented, accurately estimated, and submitted for compensation.

Key Largo Public Adjusters Do ALL of the Work

It's important to understand the roles that both insurance adjusters and public adjusters play. An insurance adjuster is employed by the insurance company while a public adjuster is an independent professional who works for policyholders. While the insurance company provides insurance adjusters at no additional cost to you, their role is to verify the losses that you've claimed – not discover all losses you may have suffered. In fact, that's your job. The burden of proof lies squarely on your shoulders. If you don't point out a loss and submit proper documentation, it could be overlooked.

A public insurance adjuster takes on this burden and works diligently to find every possible loss you may have suffered. This involves taking a complete inventory, inspecting the property, and documenting all losses with digital and video photography. Public adjusters use local building costs and sophisticated estimating software to estimate the damage. From there, the public adjuster handles all paperwork and submits a settlement package to your insurance company detailing and supporting your entire claim. End result? Peace of mind and a fair settlement that addresses every single loss you have suffered.

Make sure your insurance claim goes through smoothly by contacting a Key Largo public adjuster today for a free insurance claim review.