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Miami Public Adjusters for Insurance Claim Help and Peace of Mind Filing insurance claims doesn't have to be a do-it-yourself job, and you're not necessarily at the mercy of your insurance company's estimates. With the help of a Miami public adjuster, you can take charge of the process and make sure that your insurance company is aware of all of the losses related to your claim.

Proving Your Losses – The "Burden of Proof" is on You

Many policyholders don't realize that it's their responsibility to prove their losses, not the insurance company's. This doesn't mean that your insurance company won't try to help you; it just means that if you want your insurance company to pay you for everything that you're entitled to, you'll need to do the work and prove your losses. For smaller claims, this isn't overly difficult as the damage is usually isolated. However, for larger claims, it's overwhelming!

Fortunately, a type of insurance professional caters to policyholders in these situations: a public adjuster. In Miami, public adjusters help local property owners document the damage, prove their losses, and claim everything possible thereby ensuring that nothing is overlooked.

If you're worried that your insurance settlement check won't cover the costs to rebuild in Miami, you'll want to make sure that all estimates take local construction costs into account. Local public adjusters are well aware of the construction market and use sophisticated estimating software with Miami costs factored in to come up with real-world estimates.

These are but a few of the many services a public adjuster provides. Learn more by contacting us for a free, no obligation Miami insurance claim review.