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Panama City

Owning property in Panama City, Florida brings with it the potential for insurance losses and the resulting insurance claims process. If your property has suffered a covered loss, you should do much more than simply schedule a time for the adjuster to swing by and take a look. After all, it's the policyholder's responsibility to prove the loss. This means that it's up to you to detail every single loss for which you are entitled to compensation; it's not the insurance company's job.

If you want to be absolutely sure that nothing has been overlooked and that all estimates are reasonable and accurate, bring in a Panama City public adjuster. Public adjusters in Florida exist specifically to serve policyholders directly. Per Florida law, they are paid a small percentage of the final settlement, and only if a settlement is reached. With no out-of-pocket costs involved, even financially devastated homeowners can benefit from this valuable service.

Panama City public adjusters take on the responsibility that typically would fall on your shoulders: the burden of proof. Using digital photographic equipment and cost-estimating software, the public adjuster thoroughly inspects your property and documents all losses and damage. All estimates involving structural rebuilding use local rebuilding costs to ensure accuracy. In addition, the adjuster compares the findings with the insurance company's estimates, making sure to correct any discrepancies or dispute any estimates that are too low.

These are but a few of the many valuable services public adjusters provide. Contact us today to learn more.