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Pensacola Public Adjusters – Serving Florida Policyholders with Pride

Living and owning property in Pensacola, Florida is both pleasant and potentially heartbreaking. From hurricanes and extreme weather to wildfires, house fires, falling trees, and other calamities, property owners throughout Florida routinely face insurance losses. If you're currently involved in an insurance claim, you know how difficult the claims process is.

Fortunately, insurance professionals are available to ease the burden. Public insurance adjusters are independent, licensed insurance adjusters who have chosen a slightly different career path than their privately employed peers. Rather than working for insurance companies, Pensacola public adjusters work for you.

This subtle difference can make a big difference in your insurance claim experience. For example, when you have a public adjuster working on your behalf, you have a professional dedicated to helping you maximize your claim. Your public adjuster handles all aspects of the claim including:

Because Pensacola public adjusters are paid a small percentage of the final settlement (and not paid if a settlement is not reached), they are motivated to uncover every possible loss that you are entitled to be compensated for. This payment structure is legislated by the state of Florida and it makes for a win-win scenario.

Contact us today for a free Pensacola insurance claim review and find out more about how we can maximize your insurance claim.