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Tallahassee public insurance adjusters are dedicated to serving Tallahassee policyholders who have suffered insurance losses. No matter how the damage occurred, if it involves filing an insurance claim, you may benefit from retaining a public adjuster.

The Difference between a Public Adjuster and an Insurance Company Adjuster

While both public and insurance company adjusters examine damaged property and estimate losses, they serve different clients. Your insurance company adjuster serves the insurance company while your public adjuster serves you. Since it's your responsibility to report and document all losses, it's up to you to make sure that your claim is accurate and complete. A Tallahassee public adjuster can help you do so. Best of all, not only do public adjusters handle all of the paperwork, they can also maximize your final settlement offer.

While it may seem like a natural rivalry, insurance companies often enjoy working with public insurance adjusters. After all, public adjusters know the industry, requirements, and lingo intimately and present a well-organized claim that conforms to established guidelines. In short, public adjusters make it easy for insurance company adjusters to approve claims. Claims submitted by public adjusters tend to get settled faster with fewer delays due to incomplete paperwork or unsupported claims.

Though your insurance company will likely send an adjuster out to survey and estimate the damage, it makes sense to have your own representative taking on the burden of proof. There's never an upfront fee and the public adjuster is paid out of the final settlement. Contact a Tallahassee public adjuster for a free, no obligation insurance claim review.